On the Net


Bandwidth of Possibilities

The Internet offers a huge breadth of possibilities which you can use for just about anything – like meeting girl*boyfriends on social networks, shopping, chatting, uploading music and videos. But all these possibilities and opportunities also have a downside: downloaded viruses, infringement of copyrights and privacy rights etc. This is because the Internet is not a law-free environment and so-called anonymity when surfing unfortunately does not exist. The IP number of every computer and the telecommunications data relating to it can be used to rapidly ascertain who has been viewing what pages where and how. Content that is stored on social network pages and in images and videos sent electronically remains as data with the relevant service provider for an unlimited time.

A Few Rules

  • People’s photos can only be posted on the web with their consent. Furthermore, simply taking someone’s photograph can be a punishable offence. Because voluntary posing in front of a camera does not necessarily mean consent for the photo to be posted online. You always have to ask beforehand, preferably also with a signature. With children parental consent is always required. The same legal basis also obviously applies for videos. Also consider which of your own photos you decide to post online. Because the web never forgets!
  • You can also take legal action against slander (insults) and cyberbullying, regardless of whether it is posted online as text, an image or video. Many websites also have a reporting function to flag up unsuitable content posted online. Don’t give slander and cyberbullying a chance. Talk to your friends, parents or other person of trust.